Troubled Hearts

by A Blue Harbor

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released December 4, 2015

All songs written by A Blue Harbor
Recorded by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording, except "I'm Sinking, I'm Drowning" recorded by A Blue Harbor
Mixed by A Blue Harbor
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering

A Blue Harbor is:
Matty Barnetzke - Guitar/Vocals
Steven Spoerl - Bass
Elliot Lozier - Drums



all rights reserved


A Blue Harbor Wisconsin

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Track Name: Start Over
living in the moment and living for the moment
they're two different things
are you too scared to wake up in the morning
because of what it'll bring

some people just live like
they forget they're dying
and others try to justify what they're doing
you know they're lying

i need to get some things straight from you
what are you really trying to do
and once this all falls apart
will you know where to start from here

it's either all on or all off
there's no in between sometimes
what is it you're trying to do again
did you forget, you read your lines

you can't start over
Track Name: Troubled Hearts
frantic lives lead frantic heads
they're running wild in the street
minds racing on empty
bringing thoughts of fear and defeat

what they're saying about you now
what they're saying again
it won't resolve with time
it'll go straight to your head

troubled hearts can't take it
they'll wither away
when the bridge that holds you up
is collapsing day by day
as the weight coming down's over bearing
these floorboards start to cave
there are some things you'll never forget
the things you don't want to save

if convincing wasn't enough
believing is even more
the ridicule that's all around
is dragging you to the floor

and who's to say what they're not to feel
pulling harder again
they won't realize what they've done
until it's too late and when
Track Name: Day By Day
it's hard to be an optimist
when the odds are stacked up to the ceiling
it's hard to plan anything for anything
when you can't comprehend what you're feeling

day by day this ebb and flow
it's ripping apart everything i know

it's hard to know just what to do
or even second guess you're right
when anxiety and longing
they eat away at you every night

day by day this rise and fall
it won't stop until, until it takes it all

until it takes it all it's everything i know
Track Name: Keep
lying through your teeth
you'll never feel the same
what's so much better about then
when you know the shame

what are you trying to keep

less is more now and then
you think i know what to do
and i don't need any more help
but i'd be lost, lost without you

you're holding onto what doesn't hold onto you
Track Name: On and On
here we sit in present tense
trying for our lives to make any sense
it only seems to work half the time
the other half we'll lie we'll say we're fine

thoughts of detachment and of regret
i think of thoughts i'd wish i'd soon forget
spent this whole time running looking ahead
trying not to hear a word that was said
it goes on

and it goes on and on and on
and don't try to prove me wrong
we're fighting this whole time
for what we knew this long

blurring lines of what can become real
by living things we know we feel
trying hard to keep our focus again
and when the picture's hazy
then i know that's when
it goes on
Track Name: I'm Sinking, I'm Drowning
the current rushes over me
the flood won't seem to drain
the tide has washed above
all the ground that won't remain
i'm sitting here in silence
if i talk the water fills
my body up with so much ease
like gallons of sleeping pills

but it won't last, i'm sinking fast

the way this ocean filled up
was quite a sight to see
no life boat or no life vest
could come close to saving me
the recollections of my life
they're now heavy, cold and wet
the pounding waves above me
they're ones i won't forget

but it won't last, i'm sinking fast

but it won't last, i'm drowning
Track Name: Come Close
things they happen
and times will change
some things might get better
and some worse with age

what did you like
what do you regret
you'll always remember
what you're trying to forget

you can try you might come close
but you'll never shake the decisions that you chose

that's all for now
and you need to figure
do the shadows of your past
keep getting bigger

what's with you for life
and what's just for now
is there any way to tell
any way somehow
Track Name: We Were Wrong
regret's a six letter word
that comes to mind
when i think of things
things that i can't hide behind
so many ways to say
what we could've done
the list of what matters now
it'll always come to none

and there's not a single thing
that we could do
no matter how many times
of how many things you've been through

no matter how many times
we'll all be gone

soon enough we'll all be gone
somewhere along the line
we thought we knew this all along
we were wrong

and silent days
lead to silent nights
it almost certainly
leads to constant endless fights

and we were
Track Name: Composure
any words they start to shake
compassion now it slows
nothing's getting through
and composure now it goes
and it goes

an anxiety is racing
my lungs are caving in
nothing's getting through
my patience can't wear thin
you can't wear
Track Name: Momentum
how long before we slow down
'cause right now we just move
like we've got somewhere to go
or got something prove

and it's fine that we do the same
we're living like we're just too young
we're singing our songs now
until we can't sing what we've sung

everyone's on the bandwagon
that's been around for too long
and make sure if you take it
you don't wind up in some place
you don't belong