Closed Mind

by A Blue Harbor

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Dayyyummmm!!! Our album Troubled Hearts is a year old today! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in any way, it means the world. Making music is like a journal to me, it's a way to get across things that I'm feeling. I never expected people to be into my songs enough to ever want to play in a band with me or come to shows, it's crazy!
To celebrate Troubled Hearts being a year old, we wanted to release the last song from the recording sessions of the album. It's the only non-album track we have and it originally was supposed to be on it, but we decided to put "I'm Sinking, I'm Drowning" in place of it. The song is called "Closed Mind" and I wrote it shortly after coming out to my parents. The entire album has parts that reference coming out and I was planning on it being a focus in one or two songs, but it was such an overwhelming thing for me to deal with, that it turned into a reoccurring theme on the whole album. Closed Mind is hands down the most direct song about the topic and I wrote it when I felt like I was at a breaking point and couldn't hide anything behind metaphors or abstract lyrics like I normally do.
The second song on the single is brand new and it's called "All We Need". I wrote it as a response to how I was feeling during the writing of the album. I was in a very dark place around the time of writing the album and when it came out, it was hard for me to grasp life being worth it. I didn't think I was going to make it past my birthday and if you would've told me that I'd be here writing this right now I would've had a hard time believing it. The lyrics to All We Need are what I would say if I could tell myself during that time how things would end up. I was fortunate enough to have people around me that were beyond supportive. Having them along with art and music saved my life.
Thanks for the first year of being stoked on the album and hope you like the new songs!
-Matty & A Blue Harbor


released December 4, 2016

Songs written by A Blue Harbor

"Closed Mind" recorded by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording during the session for Troubled Hearts
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering
Mixed by A Blue Harbor

"All We Need" recorded and mixed by Matty

A Blue Harbor is:
Matty Barnetzke - Guitar/Vocals
Steven Spoerl - Bass
Elliot Lozier - Drums



all rights reserved


A Blue Harbor Wisconsin

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Track Name: Closed Mind
Your rationale is gone and it's never coming back again
I try not to let it get to me, it does every now and then

Who's kidding who when you can't accept
It's been too long with secrets kept
Struggle helped me come to find
You can't get past your closed mind

Reaction starved for reason, and you've fallen out of touch
You'll be waiting for a lifetime for me to say it's all too much

What's your reason, not enough
It doesn't make any sense to me
Track Name: All We Need
It's alright, just leave here tomorrow
It'll never start to look so gray
The night that days never start to change
Is the best time to walk away

All the liars, all the thieves
Taking what you'll never see
Do what you want to, it's never coming back
It's not like it used to be

Shadows into the end alone
But it won't ever feel unknown
Killing memoirs by painting all the pages
This'll be easier to read

It's all we need